Saint Johns County Schools

The Saint Johns County School District has ranked #1 in Florida for several years straight. No wonder so many families are relocating to our County.

This locator is based on Attendance Zones for the 2018-2019 school year. This feature allows you to enter an address and select its match from the list that appears. After selecting, the school zones will be determined and the results will appear. If a list of addresses fails to appear, type the address completely and then click the “Search Address” button found on the right. If you need help using the Attendance Zone Locator, please contact St. Johns County’s GIS Staff.

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Located right in the center of the downtown historic district. Built by Henry Flagler as a hotel way back and now home to a terrific college. Getting to know St. Augustine has to include a tour of Flagler College.


As the first Technical College operated by St. Johns County School District, this accredited school has 27 programs of study ranging from automotive services to medical assisting.

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Did you know that Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles both attended this school? It is a one of a kind school in the United States and located right in downtown St. Augustine.