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Home Inspection

Did you know that the seller can have a home inspection prior to showing and selling the property? Why would a seller want to do this?


By finding any defects and issues that might be a deal breaker, the seller can remedy those items prior to the sale and offer that home inspection report along with a copy of the repairs etc that corrected those issues. Sellers will sell their home faster and for the highest price when the BUYER has great confidence in the condition of the property!


Also be informed that once the seller's property is under contract and the seller agrees to correct defects found, those repairs per the contract must be performed by an "appropriately licensed contractor". Prior to a contract, many repairs can be made by a licensed "hankdy man" at a much lower cost than 

Prior to selling the property, many repairs can be made by the homeowner or a handy-man at a fraction of the cost of a licensed contractor!

A professional home inspection protects both you and the buyer. It allows both you and the buyer the opportunity to learn about the property’s defects. The typical cost of a condo inspection is only $250-300.  Click HERE for a list of home inspectors that I have used and recommend.

A home inspection usually covers the following:

    * Plumbing conditions - if there is leakage or clogging
    * Roofing conditions - the extent of deterioration, if there is leakage
    * Electrical conditions - if there are inadequate circuits or potential fire hazards
    * Structural problems - windows, sliders & doors
    * Mechanical defects - the A/C, water heater, major appliances
    * Safety Items - Ground fault interrupts, smoke detectors, etc.

As a seller, the home inspection reports protect you because it establishes the actual condition of the property at the time of sale.