The Importance of a Home Inspections

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As a buyer your entitled by the purchase and sales agreement contract to know exactly what your are getting and the condition of the all parts of the property. Your offer is 

The "AS-IS" purchase and sales agreement contract is commonly used but it too allows for your inspection and due diligence of the property. The other version of the purchase and sales agreement contract has paragraphs for each of the below and a $ amount that you  ask for the limit of each if repairs are necessary.

  • General Property Inspection and Repair

  • Wood Destroying Organism Inspection and Repair

  • Inspection and Close-Out of Building Permits

I always insist on using the purchase & sales agreements created and approved by Florida Realtor and the Florida BAR. Some brokers use their own versions. By default the buyer has 15 calendar days to complete their inspecton and deliver written notice to the seller of necessary repairs that the buyer feels are important.

As a buyer purchasing a resale property, ask for the major repairs. You should expect minor issues in a resale and don't get bogged down with those. For example, if the home inspector finds that the roof is leaking and the air conditioner doesn't work at all, focus on those repairs that are major.

As Realtors, we can not interpret the verbiage - we can only read it to you. At any time if you so desire, you should consult a real estate attorney to clarify any parts of the offer.