Financing - (The Mortgage)

Ask yourself how much you can afford to pay for a property. In addition to the monthly mortgage payment the buyer will also have property insurance and property taxes escrowed by the lender. Prior to looking at property, visit a mortgage office or broker and see what you can afford based upon a purchase price.

At the same time, get pre-approved by the lender. You can pre-qualify over the phone with a lender but that is not the same as a Pre-approval.


Cash is King and the next best is a "Pre-approval". For a pre-approval you will have to provide the lender with all the documents they will require for you to obtain a mortgage. This includes all your financial assets, liabilities, and cash on hand for your down payment. 

You do not want to go through the disappointment of looking at properties that are priced above your approved amount. When you find that property, your Realtor will submit the lender's "pre-approval" letter along with the offer. This puts you in a strong negotiating position.