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A Home Warranty provides repair or replacement coverage for mechanical failures of major systems and appliances in a home — situations that are typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance policy. Offered with the house (paid by seller at closing) , it's a great incentive for a buyer to purchase a home with a Home Warranty!

With a Home Warranty, the seller can avoid a delayed closing due to unexpected, costly repairs or replacement of your appliances and systems, as well as provide coverage after the sale of the home.
A Home Warranty protects you against the high cost of repairing and replacing the systems and appliances you use the most, such as the air conditioner and heater, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, oven, washer, dryer and more.

Seller can setup a home warranty PRIOR to closing when the property is listed and the coverage will apply during the listing period, transfer to the buyer at closing, and the Home Warranty will be paid for at closing.

Great incentive for a buyer since it takes the worry out of "what if" repairs during the first year of ownership and the new owner may continue the coverage! Typically, a home warranty costs between $375 and $450.There are several home warranty companies that I recommend - find them on-line for the coverages, policies, and cost:

Home Warranty

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