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It's often referred to a as CURB APPEAL!

If you want buyers to be interested in your condo, you need to show it in its best light. A good first impression can influence a buyer both emotionally and visually, thus prompting them to make an offer. It's called "curb appeal" and the better it looks often the better the offer. 
A bad first impression can dissuade a potential buyer. Don’t show your property until it’s all fixed up. You do not want to give buyers the chance to use the negative first impression they have as means of negotiation.
Ask around for the opinions others have of your condo. Real estate agents who see condos everyday can give solid advice on what needs to be done. You may have to make a decision to remodel completely or partially, or if that is not doable, pricing accordingly or offering a "buyers allowance" for fix-up. 
Typically, there are some general fix ups that need to be done on the inside. As a seller, you should consider the following:

•  Painting a neutral color is the least expensive & yet one of the most effective 
    ways of enhancing the appearance
•  Get rid of clutter like kitchen magnets and too much furniture
•  Decorations go a long way - make the unit pleasant and fitting to it's location
•  Can the carpet can be cleaned up to look almost new?
•  If you have tile, touching up the grout can greatly improve the appearance
•  If you have a pet, ask friends or neighbors if they detect pet odor. There are 
   lots of remedies to fix that problem

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Making a Good First Impression