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The seller's good faith estimate calculator at left is a free utility offered by Island Title of St. Augustine, FL. Other title companies offer similar free calculators.

Click HERE to use the calculator shown.

Seller's costs won't fluctuate like costs to buyers who are obtaining a mortgage will. 

Seller's Estimate of Closing Costs

Closing costs can be estimated fairly accurately for a seller. Florida state law promulgates the rates for title insurance so this will be the same amount for any title company. The actually fees a title company charges for the title search and issuance will vary from one title company to another. 
It is not law but the seller normally pays for the title search, issuance and the title insurance in Florida. This can be negotiated but the theory behind it is that the seller has to provide clear title to the buyer so it should be a seller expense. Other items on the estimate will vary based upon the actual closing date.
In Florida, property taxes are paid "in arrears". The actual property tax bill comes out the first week of November for the current year. The seller will credit the buyer estimated property taxes from January 1st through the day of closing. If there is a homeowners or condo association that fee too will be prorated and charged to the buyer for the number of days in the fee period already paid for by the seller.